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  1. Accessories
    Items that would be considered objects in a scene, such as dishes, pictures, perfume bottles, etc.

  2. Animals
    All manner of miniature animal life (making a mouse, dog, whatever - no, not bug juice).

  3. Architectural Details
    Crown moulding, picture rails, cornices, trap doors, gables (etc).

  4. Business
    Pertaining to selling miniatures. How to run a miniature business (mail order, doing auctions, running a store, selling at shows)

  5. Cameras and Photography
    Photographing miniatures and equipment recommendations.

  6. Celebrations
    Weddings/Bridal, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween

  7. Clay
    Fimo, Sculpy and other polymer clays, paperclay, porcelain, ceramic, etc.

  8. Computers and The Internet
    How to use your computer to save and search tips, find what you are looking for online, set up a website, etc.

  9. Copyright
    Anything pertaining to copyright issues.

  10. Dolls
    All about dolls, making, wigging and dressing.

  11. Fabric and Needlework
    Working with fabrics, threads and yarns.

  12. Fairies and Fantasy
    The whimsical, magical and fantastic.

  13. Finishing
    Surface finishing methods for houses, boxes and furniture, including walls, floors, ceilings and exteriors.

  14. Food and Drink

  15. Furniture and Appliances

  16. Historical
    Historical details and information to lend credibility to miniature scenes.

  17. Interior Decorating
    Articles about decorating principles and theory; use of space, color and texture.

  18. Landscaping and Plants

  19. Lighting and Wiring

  20. Lumber and Building Materials
    Materials for building structures.

  21. Miscellaneous
    Tips that do not fit anywhere else.

  22. Printables
    Where to find them, how to print them, seal them and use them.

  23. Publications and Books
    Not where to find, but what is available.

  24. Remodeling and Restoration
    Re-habbing and redoing; kit bashing; removing and replacing.

  25. Resin, Caulking, Filling
    Goo that isn't glue. (includes casting, mold making etc.)

  26. Resources
    Specific recommendations to sources that include how to find or contact them.

  27. Safety Warnings

  28. Smaller Scales
    Many of the tips archived here will also fit in at least one other category, but something in the tip will be specific to scales smaller than 1/12 (1" = 1').

  29. Structures
    Houses, roomboxes, mousehouse, odd containers (breadbox, detergent box, gourd, books).

  30. Themes
    Scene and accessory details for themes like a witch's cave, bridal shower, or a lighthouse.

  31. Tools and Glue

  32. Windows and Window Treatments

  33. Workshops and Organization
    Setting up a better workspace.

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