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Copyright: You're permitted to use any ideas, cut-outs, etc. from miniature magazines as long as they're for your use only and are not to be sold for profit nor taught as a class for a fee. I've been doing minis professionally for about 12 years so I'm very careful about this. There was quite a ruckus in DHM a few years ago when someone published a DIY article that someone else claimed the writer had learned in a workshop taught by the second party (I sure hope y'all can follow this!). Copyrights do expire, as long as they're not renewed by the original owner or the owner's estate, but this takes quite a long time. (I'd be very curious to know what Disney has paid the Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan estates for use of the characters. All profits from the Peter Pan estate, BTW, goes for eternity to a children's hospital, I think inLondon).

Unfortunately, you can't copyright "ideas," so I've seen my things (Fox Hollow Miniatures) replicated, often without the slightest change. A lot of my professional mini friends deal with this, and our consensus is that we just have to keep on inventing new things to stay ahead of the copycats.


Creative Crafts & Miniatures: In response to your inquiry about the authors and projects in Creative Crafts & Miniatures, the only one I know about is Ruth Armstrong. You would need her permission to do anything about sharing her projects. I don't believe she has an e-mail address but her snail mail address is: Ruth Armstrong, 302 South St., Jonesville, MI 49250.


Copyright: Since there have been so many discussions on this topic lately, I've posted an article on copyright. Are you breaking the law when you print graphics for your dollhouse? Find out---the answer may surprise you:

Lisa Vollrath

Copyright and Fair Use: Being a published author, I've been interested in copyright law for a long time. Yes, there IS such a thing as "Fair Use" of copyrighted work without permission. For those of you considering the topic of printing off the internet, I've posted a brief summary of the concept of "Fair Use" under the international copyright law in Lisa's forum.

This will help give you some parameters for deciding if you are "stealing" or not. Another excellent and to-the-point about Copyright Law and Fair Use is at:

(Please do note that just crediting the creator/author is irrelevant to copyright law. It doesn't mean anything either way.)


Protection for mini ebook authors/publishers: Everybody who writes mini how-to books and ebooks. I have found the greatest system to protect ALL royalties, prevent piracy and unauthorized pass along copies, while providing excellent service to the reader. This system also works on audio and video files.

I just reformatted all my books. You can see how it works here:

Or read more about it here:

I know losing control of miniature intellectual property is a real concern for the writers among us.


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