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Half Scale Furniture: Scale Designs (Frank Moroz) has a large selection of finished and kit 1/2 scale furniture.

There are wonderful kits by Cassidy Creations, and there are also 1/2" furniture pieces already built by Shenodoah. I call these my 'Naked Furniture' pieces when I sell them. There is a rocker, bed, corner cabinet, dough box, cupboard, dry sink, small chest, etc. The Cassidy kits provide a really wide variety of furniture pieces and are very easy to assemble and decorate. Let me know if you would like more information and I can correspond with you personally

Betty Dann

I sell half scale furniture on my web site. sdk miniatures Plants, contemporary furniture, and kits in 1/4,1/2,and 1 inch and scales.

Susan Karatjas

Sink: To make a stab at sunk making try taking an old flash light battery and remove all the innards and just keep the outer zinc metal shell. This material is easy to cut and to shape. It can be polished or painted. Just a thought.


Sink: the classic 'metal' sink component is a couple of restaurant individual jelly tubs sprayed silver. Faucets are available from Houseworks through your mini store, from the pewter mini vendors like Martha's Metal Miniatures and Parkers' Miniatures, or you can make your own out of found objects. Use pliers to wiggle the fold-down type spout out of a bottle cap for the faucet, with two small ball thumbtacks or beads for hot and cold; glue all three to a piece of flat wood coffee stirrer, spray silver.

Loretta Sniarowski

Sink: Mary Carson of Hammer 'n Smith in California makes the loveliest metal miniatures including sinks of all kinds to fit in cabinetry and counters. I could not find a web site for her, but I think Carol of SP Minis carries some of her items and could help put you in touch with her. I had the table across from her at the Andover in April and spent most of my time drooling over her pieces. They are also very reasonably priced-- especially considering the quality of her work.

Michelle Fox

Sink: My first dollhouse I made all the kitchen appliances and for the sink I used a stainless steel salt shaker top. It was just the perfect size and the hole looked like a real drain. I had picked it up at a yard sale.


Sink: one thing you may want to try are those tiny mint tins. For example, I'm always fascinated by the Altoids tins after reading about making refrigerators out of. While standing in line at CVS the other day, I spotted a much smaller tin of mints right next to the Altoids - can't remember the names. But two of them together might make a cute sink; or one of the larger tins w/a divider. Or, take one of the plastic jelly tubs from the restaurants and give them some treatments to look like chrome, etc. They pop into cabinet holes pretty easy.


Efficiency Kitchen/Gardenscape: maybe you could use the fridge magnet appliances which are in slightly smaller scale -- that would make them compact versions for this scene. I remember a college friend who had such an apartment, basically a long room with dining/living and sleeping zones separated out. Pairs of louvered doors ran the length of one side wall and the efficiency kitchen, a tiny bathroom (shower, no tub), and ordinary closet were hidden behind them.

Efficiency Kitchen: some years ago I bought an item from a now-retired miniaturist that you might be able to copy. It was a fridge about the size of a smallish north American kitchen cupboard, with a sink and also a hot plate built into the top. I believe it's a copy of an existing thing, but I've never seen one. Very compact.

Frances, Erin, Ontario

Efficiency Kitchen: I built in a little, narrow kitchen in my fabric store - I think it's in the pictures on my website (the Simpson Construction Company link). I used the porcelain sink that stands on legs cause it's not as deep as the sinks in cabinets. Then I had to build an apartment sized refrigerator and apartment sized stove cause as far as I know, there are no manufactured ones. Maybe someone like Hammer n' Smith makes them, but when I built the store I was interested in low cost so I made my own. The doors don't open but they look like a stove and fridge. I made the fridge counter height so it wouldn't block the view of the back of the room and I made the stove one of those little 24"; (in real life) ones with no space between the burners. I used pieces of paper clips for the door handles on both of them. On the fridge, I painted it all white except for the top - I linseed-oiled a piece of basswood for that so it would have a ,butcher block,top. I was pleased with how it all turned out and even ended up receiving a couple of orders for the two appliances. Hope this helps. :)

Mary Lynne in Huntington, WV

Petite Princess Furniture: I recently found this website for Petite Princess items:

Stacy-Marie Torres

Spray Gesso for Furniture: Yes, the spray gesso is wonderful for furniture. Remember to spray in short spurts. Turn your can upside down for the final spray to clear the nuzzle. Light applications are the key. Continue until the flaws are hidden and the surface well prepped.


Pirate's Bar: A plank across wooden crates or barrels is perfectly fine for this period and milieu! Bars didn't become really fancy until the Victorian era (you should see some of the ones here in Prescott--woo-wee!).

Molly/StormBorn (Prescott)

Kaleidoscope House Modern dh furniture: In a recent issue someone mentioned a new dh the (Kaleidoscope House). I contacted the company and Larry Mangel gave me the following sites, where the furniture and house can be purchased.

(Museum of Modern Art) type kaleidoscope in the search area and it will bring up all of the products.

The furniture is very modern and reasonably priced. I have no connection with the company, but I think the furniture is really great looking


Efficiency Kitchen: Apartment stove/sink/reefer....I lived with such a device 45 years ago in my very first 'apartment'! Not a bad thing. Compact and useful for a single person. . . The only bothersome thing was that the two burner electric stovetop was within 6 inches of the dishpan sized sink. . . and no oven. . . many years later, my mom bought a similar unit from Sears for an efficiency apart she was building over the garage. It had an oven. About the size of a small bread box. . . Fascinating units to find in mini, I doubt there is one.

Also, anyone remember the small 'Hoover' Spin Washer/Dryer that was about the size of a dustbin and plugged the water into the kitchen faucet? Dumped into kitchen sink drain and tended to march around the room after one while spinning. The spin was just a glorified wringer. . . I think the washer part would only do one sheet at a time.

Judie-Daytona Beach, FL

Church Furniture, Accessories, and Miniatures. They are located in the Creations icon.

Kristyn Bayonet Pt. FL

Furniture Kits:
Fernwood Miniatures
12730 Finlay Rd. NE
Silverton, OR 97381
Phone - 503-873-2397


Fernwood Miniatures: I have used many of Fern's kits over the years, and indeed am responsible for getting her to create some of them. They are by far the BEST kits anywhere for 1" scale furniture. Everything is done exactly as in life size, right down to dovetailed drawers. You can get her catalogue by sending a LSASE with two stamps to:
Fernwood Miniatures
12730 Finlay Rd. NE
Silverton, OR 97381

Beth, In A Miniature Manor

Old Piano Keys: Could he build them up to look like marble steps? Perhaps use a feather to draw a few "marble" lines on them. Or perhaps make a stool or bench from it.


Tripods: I'm new to SS,but may be able to help with making tripods. I am making a Victorian photo studio and made one using fine square wood and brass strips. Each leg is made from three pieces of wood 3mm sq x 6cm long. Place two just overlapping the other in a tall upright Y, glue and clamp the joint, when dry wrap the brass strip around it to form the adjuster. Cut triangle for top, the next bit is tricky to hold legs in place while fixing to the top I marked a circle on a scrap of wood, drilled three holes equal distances apart to hold the legs and glued the top on.


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