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Mrs. Santa's kitchen: You could use a Christmas tin (scout Goodwill stores) -- either cut/have someone help you cut a window in one side of a tall rectangular tin, or use a fruitcake-size round one like a wreath, hung with the bottom against the wall where you display it, and adding a floor about two-thirds down to hold your display.


Mrs. Santa's kitchen: You could always use a Christmas cookie tin for Mrs. Claus' kitchen. You could use the base only or you could rest the base inside the open lid, using the lid as part of the floor space. Another idea would be to make a larger scale sled to set the scene on. A very easy and inexpensive display would be a break-away box wrapped in Christmas paper with a bow on top or even a Christmas gift bag. A little gingerbread house would be cute too although considerably more work.

Debby in Owensboro, KY

Mrs. Santa's kitchen:: Perhaps Mrs. Claus could be baking inside a Santa hat on its side- You could use fabric stiffener to make it hold its form.

Teresa from Canada

Mrs. Claus Kitchen:- --I would love to do a Mrs. Clause Kitchen scene, where I would have her baking cookies on an antique stove and decorate a cupboard with little Christmas dishes etc. The question I have is what unusual container could I use? …Ame Fay, why not use a Christmas wreath? They may be purchased in miniature

shops or you can make your own. You will need one artificial wreath, one paper hat box which will fit into the inside opening of the wreath. Set your scene inside of the hat box.

Marilyn in Michigan

Mrs. Santa's kitchen: I would like to suggest that for the Santa's kitchen, you consider using one of those molded brown paper bag colored reindeer that every crafter buys at Christmas time. choose the one that is lying down, open the side and treat the inside like a home and decorate the outside as you please.

Milli hammer

Angel Project: I thought that we all needed some angels, whether for Christmas or just for happiness, so here are the directions for a project. These would be full size angels in 144th scale, 12 inch angels in 1/2 scale and 6 inch angles in 1/12 scale, measuring 1/2 inch from feet to halo. Here are the directions:

There are paper doilies available that have angels around the edge! I found them originally in a very expensive and finely cut version, but they are now available with Wilton cake making things. (Some stores carry different sizes - I like the smaller ones.) One doily makes 24 angels.

You can see the halo, wings and skirt in the design.
Using acrylic paint in skin tones, dot each halo with a head.
Let dry and then put face on with Zag Pigma markers .005.
With ultra fine glitter, do gold on halo edge and white on wings and skirt edge.
Use Bunka for hair.
Then cut angels from doily, curl around pencil tip and glue.

(I made kits once for a roundtable workshop that included doily with heads & faces done, 3 colors of Bunka, 2 glitters and exact instructions and diagrams for cutting and assembling, including angel choir project directions.)

2 new pictures in my album on Webshots show the final product.


Battery Lights: I used three in my Christmas house two outside trees and lights around the door I hid one under wood pile one as heating unit and one just inside door behind fire place as you look at Christmas room you don't see it....remember to place them where you can replace batteries... They really burn a long time.....I got my at hobby lobby in the Christmas village scene

Linda in Texas

Dried Apple Wreath:
Twine cord used for wrapping pkgs to mail
Fresh cranberries
asst. bead *ornaments, dried baby's breath and misc. greenery.

Dip a 3" piece of twine in a mix of half glue and half water. Wrap it around a plastic aspirin bottle or similar size and tie it ....not tight but firm. Let dry completely. You can use two pieces for a twisted look. Slice a few cranberries very thin. lay out to dry naturally or in a warm oven. you might want to dip them in lemon juice and water first to preserve the *white* inner side. When everything is dry. place *apple* slices around *wreath* until you feel good about how it looks then glue them in place. Add little pieces of baby's breath sprigs between the slices, and decorate to please. Finish with a small bow at bottom with little one inch tails. Voila'...a pretty wreath for your front door ...:)

Mary Ann

Michael's hutches:
I removed all the doors and windows that can be removed, sanded, primed, sanded...(this part was not fun!) and then painted all of them a dark green. All through the year I've bought hutches when they went on sale. I've also bought various packages of tiny Christmas decorations when I've found them, as well as anything else I could think of that would be suitable. (Tiny trees, tiny animals, packages of Chrysnbon dishes to be painted, etc.

I've also done some decorative painting on the hutches, and will make some Christmas cakes and cookies for them, but am pretty much done with the collecting and major painting, and can start the fun stuff...gluing everything in.

Kaye in L.A

Fruit trimmed wreath: I did something kind of cool. You know how Christmas wreaths and swags trimmed with fruit have become so popular? I made a wreath with Fimo fruit and it came out great. I found some wired trim with tiny rounded leaves at Pat Catan. Made the wreath with that. Then, trusty Sue Heaser at hand, I made yellow and red apples, oranges and pears. Before baking, I inserted the finest green floral wire I had into what would be the back side. Made grape clusters by dipping floral wire into tacky and rolling it in seed pearls. When dry, I painted them purple. Wired all the fruit to the wreath and decorated with a gold bow. I found some very narrow shiny wired gold ribbon last Christmas. It's cool to do big floral bows with because you can shape the loops and twirl the tails and everything stays put.

Linda in Leroy, OH

Lighted tree candles: I did some very realistic lighted tree candles with fiber-optic plastic threaded through a silver sequin and a red bugle bead (if that's the small straight kind). When the tip of the plastic pokes through the top of the bead, it looks like flame. You need to thread the fibers up the middle of the tree first, then attach the candle when you get the fiber where you want it. The problem I had was hiding the bigger light source, since you have to bundle the fibers at the bottom and attach to a light source. I finally had to add a thicker base than I wanted and drill a hole in it for the light (one of the ones on small white light string).


Christmas Minis: Last winter I got some adorable scale Christmas balls for decorating a tree from Smaller and Better things Beautiful detail!


Mini Bow Maker: Bow Maker, you can make one out of toothpicks.

You will need:

- 6 six tooth picks
- masking tape

Cut a strip of tape, lay it out flat. Lay the six toothpicks next to each other. The two outer ones should be at least 1 1/2 inches above the others.


Quick Christmas present for miniers. Take a metal washer that would suit for a door or window wreath size. Marble 2 color green polymer clays together. Roll into snake and press onto one side of washer. "FLUFF" clay with a toothpick to look like holly. Add tiny red beads or tiny red beads made with clay. Roll out a snake of red clay and fashion into a bow. Press to bottom of wreath.Bake as directed. TADA! A polymer clay wreath just the right size for those drab Christmas doors and windows

Jennifer Spray

Beaded tree: My friend made one and I made the ornaments for her. The green beads are strung on fine wire and each branch is a straight piece with a loop of beads at the end. Make 4 the same length and attach to your post like 4 spokes (wood, tree branch whatever).   Then continue making 4 pieces, each set slightly smaller, till you get to the top. Top with a star or angel or loop.   Hard to describe but they are gorgeous and the more you make, the fuller it is. This method can also be used with chenille. cutting each set of 4 smaller and smaller (without the loop) and wrapping and gluing to the post.


Gingerbread House Ideas: I have a real gingerbread house project, including photos and recipes, online. Maybe it will give you decorating ideas. Or maybe, you'll be inspired to make a real one too!


White House web site : To see a spectacular virtual tour of the White House rooms decorated for Christmas 15 mini replicas of Presidential homes, go to    Enjoy - its a real treat.

Ellie Hughes

Lit candles on Christmas trees : way long years ago, I did one of these - a tree with lit candles. I used strings of 1 1/2 volt bulbs - the really tiny ones, and strung each one through some plastic white tubing (candle part) with a gold sequin on the bottom for a cup. Now, I don't recall how many bulbs to a string - and you don't need a lot of these for the lights to be very effective. Consult with a Cir-Kit catalog for instructions - they sell all kinds of bulbs and know how many to run on a string and what wattage transformer to use - ( you can run several strings of these small bulbs from a medium size transformer -as well as other fixtures. (just remember this is "series" lighting, and if one goes out they all are dark).

Phyl in Kentucky

Christmas "whirligig": Mel K. said his wife wanted "one of those wooden, candle powered, Bavarian, Christmas whirligigs.'" The article Wanna in El Paso was referring to is in Nutshell News, Dec. 1985, page 98, written by Dee Snyder It is called a "Weihnachtspyramide". Now let's hear everybody pronounce that one!!.


Flag printables...go to this site:
I found some U.S. and Canadian flag printables, if anyone is still looking for them. Here's the addy:

Chris in Minnesota

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