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Metal furniture: These are likely furniture made by Metal Miniatures. I have sold it for many years. Wash it and spray with any metal spray paint..I use white. Then paint with acrylic paints. Very little of the metal furniture is actually 144 scale. Much is close but you will find everything from 1/8" scale to N scale sold as 144 in the metal things. If you use them in appropriately scaled groupings they will look good and can even be covered with fabric once you prime them. There is a section in my book on 144 scale describing finishing these pieces.

Anita McNary IGMA Artisan

Wicker Carriage/pram: The carriage/pram/with a little hood you were asking about is done by Uncle Ciggie's. I have it myself and it's absolutely adorable.

Linda Stokes

Pillow Stuffing for the long round pillows: I use the foam hair rollers. Remove the plastic piece, and wrap the fabric around the foam, tucking the ends of the fabric into the hole that's at both ends of the roller (where the plastic piece used to be). Then cover that up with a circle of fabric, lace, or whatever.


Realistic Pillows and Cushions: More on the 'realistic' posing for mini people.... and bolsters, pillows and cushions.

I use rolls of air dry clay (Model Magic from Crayola) to form the pillows and such. Make your forms, cover them with fabric - you have about an hour - then place them and put your 'person' in place. Push the person down until it indents where it should if it was heavy (like a real person). Tape it in place or use rubber bands and leave it until the next day. The inside material (air dry clay) will have dried in place and your person can now be removed for further refinement if necessary.

This is good for mattresses on beds too. If a 'person' lays ON TOP of the bed without sinking into the mattress a bit, it's DUMB looking. Another possibility is to weight your person to scale and make all the cushions extra puffy and squashable. I haven't tried this, but am tempted. I weight everything. Washers are good and so are fishing weights. You can pile a few inside the bottom dresser drawers, glue washers under couches and stands, slide a few washers over the stem of a lamp for a weighted base etc. Plus the mini stuff simply feels better with some weight. The legs of furniture will indent the carpet... it's the tiny details that add to the overall look and feel of miniatures. If something is out of whack, even a tiny thing, your brain notices it and remarks on the overall - a nearly subliminal thing sometimes. Think about weight, or 'heft' if you will.
A little thought about this will make you a better mini whiz.... Amaze your friends! Confound the judges! Increase your sales! etc.


Strawberry Basket Ideas:
- Take the fence idea further and use basket pieces as trellises.
- Use them as Arts & Crafts/Frank Lloyd Wright style porch trim.
- If you're making a display for yourself and not something that must be playable-sturdy, with a mat board floor, the long skinny ones make a balcony or fire escape.
- The small square ones make grille work for those infamous Michaels hutch doors.
- Another idea for the square ones: cut three rectangles the same size (about 1 x 3 inches) and two squares (about 1 inch per side). Cut the crossbars off the grid on two of the rectangles so they look like jail-cell bars. Glue these to the uncut 1 x 3 in a U-shape. Glue the squares on the open ends. Paint and glue over your sink for a spiffy English-style hanging plate rack.


Retro furniture: Those of you who prefer 20th century styles to Victorian should also check out that wood crafting site mentioned earlier ( dedicated to Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. Most US Shaker heritage sites are on the web; unfortunately few include many interior photos. In miniature, Jessica Ridley's Decorated Doll House has a Shaker-inspired bedroom with commercial furniture customized with DIY Shaker accessories. Peter Westcott's miniature furniture pattern books include Shaker Furniture volumes #1and #2; check your local shop, or Tom stocks them at Earth and Tree. Barnes and Noble's Out of Print section also lists How to Make Shaker Furniture for the Dollhouse or Miniature Rooms by Pat Midkiff. Both authors' pattern books are priced moderately.


Half Scale: We have just launched our new 1/24th scale bedroom furniture on the web site if anyone is interested. There are many other things available; most are copies of the things we do in 1/12th scale and pictures are available if you e-mail me. Please take a look and give me your opinions. We need some feedback, if possible. Please, many thanks. href="">


Soda Fountain Stools: You might also check out the diner stools that American Girl sells with their diner counter set:

John Medeiros

Stickley/Mission furniture: If you like kits, Fernwood Miniatures makes a number of pieces in these styles. She will send you a free catalogue if you send her a large SASE. Fernwood Miniatures, 12730 Finlay Rd NE, Silverton, OR 97381-9535


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