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Town Square: I have done 9 of the 12 of these buildings. Mini supplies are not available where I live, so I just bought the kits. They are very nicely done and go together fairly quickly. Waiting for paint and glue to dry takes the longest! I think the directions tell the type of wood to use if you are going to cut them out yourself. She uses the plastic windows and doors like from Grandt Line. It was much easier for me to just get the kits and have everything at hand when I needed it. I have really enjoyed doing them. It's my first experience in 1/4 scale-but it won't be my last!

Martha Simpson

1/144: In my opinion, Anita McNary-Haynes is one of the best experts on 1/144.   She has houses, laser furniture, accessories.   Many of which she has designed. This is her main web site.  I have no connection to Anita except to be a very satisfied customer.

Ruth, Grass Valley, CA

144 scale: I   have a full line of 144 scale items finished and in kit form. including a complete line of wooden furniture. All are kits or finished. If you go to my photopoint albums on 144 you can find almost all the 144 scale companies inc my originals represented as well as my furniture...and... if you want to try it...there is a "white Christmas" album with full instructions for doing Brooke Tuckers Christmas room in 144 scale. She was kind enough to let me do it. Be aware the reduction is all done by me and if there are errors it is not Brookes fault. Do go and enjoy. The metal "almost 144" furniture is on my web site at  

Anita McNary-Haynes

144th houses: If you are a retailer and need a quantity of the houses, Dee's has   Northeastern houses. I carry a few of the models if you are looking for one or two.


McDonald’s cardboard: I have used the corrugated cardboard from McDonald's sandwiches for ruffling around a quarter scale bed.   Just perfect, and can be tinted or painted.

Betty in Ky.

Turned Toothpicks:    if you are doing quarter inch, they make perfect table legs and bed posts. I also saw one shortened, sanded flat on the plain end and shaped into a yad. (Used by the readers in synagogues and some churches to follow the words in the text without getting finger oil on the pages.) It even had a tiny ring and chain on the end to attach it to the lectern.

Dani, in Bradshaw, MD

Turned Toothpicks:    I used some of mine to make little beds for the 7 dwarfs in the Snow White Cottage I made last June with Lady Bug Thwaite during the Molly Cromwell Show in Sturbridge.   The first one was a bit large for the house (trial and error working well here!) so it became a doll's bed in my little girl's room in my dollhouse.

I used the toothpicks for the bed posts, cutting the ones for the footboard a bit shorter than those for the headboard.   I used the ends of a craft stick (popsicle stick) for the headboard and footboard, again making the footboard shorter than the headboard.   I trimmed the stick on each side to get it narrow enough for the cottage.  The first one I didn't trim so it made a great toy bed.   I used the center of the stick to make the base of the bed.   I have some thin foam, the shapies type of stuff, that I cut to size for the mattresses.   I haven't put bed clothes on them yet but they are really adorable, IMHO.

Lissa from Rutland, MA

Jewelry Boxes: Those little square flip top metal pillboxes like my grandmother used make the PERFECT jewelry boxes for 1/6 scale dolls, maybe even smaller. They're gold-tone and have maybe cloisonne decor on the lid. I found one in a fashion boutique, and another at the Thrift Store. I recently saw a plain one at WalMart in the Pharmacy section with all the modern style plastic pillboxes. Anyone interested, happy hunting!


TeePee Crafts: They now have a fantastic selection of 1/144 furniture to paint, both modern and antique style. I went dizzy going up and down. They have just updated their web site and there is now some wonderful photos of dolls houses ,as well as decorated eggs. Well worth a visit to their site and also there is a list of other shows they do. For those with the link in Favourites/bookmarks, you may need to update it, as it changed.

Pauline, Mansfield, UK

The 144 Nuremberg kitchen: I thought, I deserve a treat, and decided to make up the Nuremberg kitchen printable Jean Day has on her site, especially as when I am mini-ing indoors, Rodney is outdoors - ah bliss, ah peace, Earlier I had bought a 144 Nuremberg kitchen from Francis Armstrong .. hhmm, I'm thinking medley here, and when I printed off Jean Day's kitchen via the Paint program in Microsoft and the wall pattern fitted exactly into a matchbox, I knew it was meant to be,

I pasted wall and floor into a matchbox, and sealed them with Mod Podge. I used waste bits left over from a punch out house kit to make the body of the stove, and glued the piccy of the stove front onto the stove body, mod podged it, then added acrylic painted details. Glued black card on top for the surface, and a bent flue pipe I had cut from a 144 pot bellied stove bought in Holland. Everything comes in useful in the end.

I edged the window piccy with very thin white painted wood strip, all round, and glued royal blue tissue to it for curtains, then I glued the whole ensemble into the left hand corner and the stove slightly off center, both on the back wall..

I made a tiny shelf which I glued on the right wall, and using snipped up tiny plastic tubes which protect paint brushes to make glass bowls, and brass thingumijigs bought from Tee Pee crafts, filled the shelf with goodies.

With a scrap of square shaped wood, I veneered it with the thin veneer which one can occasionally find in cigar boxes, and used snipped off bits of brass to indicate handles. Voila! a cupboard. This was glued onto the left hand wall.

The bones of the kitchen done, I raided Francis' kit for all the little pots, bowls, plates and pans, and now the kitchen is full and utterly gorgeous. I felt so smart she said modestly.

Helen from York, England

MSAT MicroMinis 144th Scale List Info: Here is the link to sign up for the MSAT MicroMinis Group. There are options when you sign up if you want to receive individual mails, digest, or no mail. If you have problems, email me and I will try to help you get your mail...It is a WONDERFUL group, and 144th is super!


Angel Children, Teddies: At there are Angel Children under Dolls and a tiny teddy bear under Half Scale Accessories. We ship internationally. You could also go to the Angel Children site, at

Tammy in Virginia

Turned Toothpicks:   I have cut off the turned part, painted it gold, and used it for a faux hinge and oriental drawer pull. I have similarly used that portion for a turned detail on the front of a handcrafted washstand. I use them for 1/4 scale chairs and four poster and canopy beds. Have also used them as spindles.

Linda in Leroy, OH

Model Train Scales:

1/2" is G scale or 1/24.
1/4" is O scale or 1/48
S scale, 1/64
HO scale 1/87,
N scale, 1/160,
Z scale is 1/220'


1/44" scale: I don't know weather they carry micro bricks but here is a site for items in 1/44" scale.


144th Scale Bricks: "N" scale railroad stuff is close enough to the same scale that you can use it for 144th scale. A model railroad store or catalog will have printed bricks, stones, etc. I've seen plastic formed into brick shapes too.

Dona Vaughn

1/24 Scale: For those of you who are into smaller scales there is a new online shop open!!! I have been and looked and although I work in 12th scale I must admit that 24th would fit better in my ever filling up space!!! I have heard that you all say 24th scale things are hard to find so maybe this will help?? This shop is very new and although there are LOTS of things on there I am sure there will be more added as soon as they get the confidence from their first customers!


1/144 houses: The 1/144 houses etc. were from Frances Armstrong (Fay was something else). Her site is here: She makes lots of kits and has a lot of helpful tips and projects you can download as well.
You'll find more kits for both houses and furniture here:
Anita McNary-Haynes makes and sells laser-cut kits. She also has a book of tips and hints for building in this scale. Wonderful stuff from both these ladies.

Kay in Ottawa, Canada

1/144 microminis: Just wanted to let you know I have added more pictures of my 144th scale dolls to my album at webshots:


Patio floors: I finally have my patio floors available in 1/2" scale and 1/4" scale. The 1/2" size is 6" by 6", the 1/4" size is 3" by 3". Both are equal to 12 feet square in life size. To see the two styles available, please go to my website. Click on Old World Tile in the contents, then floors, then scroll down to see the patios. These are so new they're not listed on the site yet.

Beth, In A Miniature Manor

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