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mini butterflies: I'm mostly a reader and not a poster, but I wanted to share a small offering that I discovered this weekend. Fiskars has a new punch (at least new to me) that is an adorable little butterfly. It's about 5/16" x 3/16", so in scale, about a monarch size. I'm going to try punching out of tissue paper, adding details and gluing on a piece of monofilament so it can appear to be floating above my flowers. And if the monofilament is light enough, every passing air current will make it flit about. I'm very excited to try this and wanted to share.

Sherrie in Spokane

Scotties: On the subject of Scottie dogs and other animals, there's a guy here in England called David Ward who makes the most exquisite and lifelike cats, dogs etc. he had a stand next to us at Tom Bishop's show in London last year, and was also at Miniatura. His works is beautiful and not expensive. I don't think he has a website but he has an email address which is He may well send a catalogue if asked.

Annie & Pete Cook

Scottie dogs: I've had a look on some UK sites for Scots terriers, and have found set of 4 small dogs, The breeds look as though they're: Scottie, Cairn, Pekinese & King Charles spaniels they cost 4.32 p+p, they may be what your searching for. The site is

Christine in Chorley, Lancashire, UK

Fantastic Salt Water Fish: Marci Trimlett of Key Largo Florida makes the most realistic salt water fish I have ever seen. They look like they came straight from the sea ! I don't know if she still has a web site, but her e-mail addy is

Mark and Sharon Stockton

Scotty Room: You might want to include a picture of President Roosevelt with his Fala, who was a Scotty. I remember reading something about how he trumped his critics by saying something like - and this is a paraphrase - "They're not satisfied to come after me; now they're coming after my little dog Fala."

Wanna in El Paso

Scotty Room: I would check with local liquor distributor or write to the distillery of Black & White Scotch Whisky for calendars and other promotional materials. Scan and reduce to mini size and look for setting ideas around the weeee pairrrrrr off Scottttty Dogs that are the signature of this fine, public service purveyor of liquid happiness. Check antique show cases where they have all the odd little, miscellaneous stuff. You should be able to find a black and white pair of the plastic Scotties mounted on magnets that "everybody" had at one time or another.

Mel K. in Las Vegas

Scotty Room: I, too have had a terrible time finding mini Scotties for my dhs. I do have a paper punch that makes tiny Scotties (I think I got it at WalMart). I punch out the little fellows and glue them on kitchen towels, hot pads, placemats, etc. As for Scotties to put in the rooms, I found one a long time ago and since then, haven't seen a single one. All the catalogs and sites I visit have every kind of dog but Scotties. We must be miniers of a "different breed"! If you find some, let me know where, please.

Marilyn J Cole

Scotty Room: it might be nice if your room had a dog bed in it, like the Orvis/LLBean style "dog nests" or whatever they call them. Also a little water dish and kibble dish. Maybe you don't want to put kibble in it; I don't know of to many dogs that would leave it until it's empty!


Scotty Room: The person looking for Scottie motifs might look at Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine. Center section usually has ME merchandise for sale, illustrated with useful small pictures of the items, and the Scottie is one of her favorite motifs. I found paper dolls for my toy shop in one of these ads. Gift shops in your area that carry ME merchandise may also have gift wrap or something with the little dogs.


Scotty Room: I know Pam Scott has instructions for a really neat 1/4 scale Scotty kitchen on her website, perhaps it could be adapted for your 1" project:

John Medeiros

Deer Heads: Deer heads are not hard to find! I make them, as well as other mounted to other artisans and manufacturers.

Alice Zinn

Deer Heads: The deer heads are easy--Lawbre makes wonderful animal heads all mounted and ready to use. They also have a moose, lion, big-horned sheep, and a couple of other animals.

Dottie in Tucson

Deer Heads: While I like Lawbre's pieces, Falcon Collectibles has a decent range of these and priced quite a bit better than Lawbre. They're not mounted but I don't see the difficulty of getting a piece of wood and staining it for mounting. I have a couple of the Falcon pieces on my site at Falcon has other ones that can be ordered.


Fibre Optic Fireflies: I have been working on a project for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary, using fiber optics. Thanks to Alice Zinn, (hope I'm right on this, as I had a 'puter crash, and lost all saved stuff) I found fire works from Dept. 56 to use in my beach scene. My parents are taking 40 of us to Cape Cod to celebrate! I bought 2 sets of the fireworks, and made my own very large 50 in the center, using fiber optics I bought on-line. I am using a (kit-bashed) poinsettia plant from K-Mart that had fiber optics, just for the base & lights. I made my own color wheel to replace the red/green/white, yellow lights that came with it, using gold and black, to have the 50 light up then shut off. (I know this sounds complicated, but I am not an electrical engineer, and did it! LOL!) Forfireflies, I would get very small diameter fibers, and try to find a small blinking white light, preferably 2 or more small lights that blink at different times. I think that would look more natural, just like real fireflies, some blinking in one part of the yard, then the next. You need to get End Light fibres! You don't want the whole length of fibres to light up, just the tips. You can easily hide the fibres under grass, bushes, etc. (I poked holes in the back of the box my dollhouse came in, that I'm using for the scene, as I needed a very large one, to hold 40 dolls, to make the 50, and also to poke the ends of the fireworks through. I have exactly one week to finish this, and will let you know how it turns out. Just remember I'm winging this... I'm not an expert!

Cindy in MA

Ants in your pants or picnic, how to make them: I used to make ants and spiders (when you are the only boy living way out in the country with two sisters and a girl cousin a guy has to come up with some way of keeping them all tormented doesn't he?) out of the hair fine copper wire coils that were used in  old radios.   Since fine copper wire is hardly available now I am taking a bit of help from my fly tying times and using some very fine thread.

Wind several loops of thread around the flat end of a flat toothpick. Slip the thread off the toothpick and flatten it into a long ball. (you may need magnification) Make a couple of wraps a little ways back on the length of the ball to make a head (leave ends of tie long). Apply a little head cement (available at fly-tying shops) to the head and tied area. Clear fingernail polish works ok but a little slow to dry and thick. Tie a second length of thread the same way a little farther back to form the body joint.

The body joint and the head should be about the same size. The tail should be almost half the ant, long and come to a point turning downward. Go back and add another loop of thread at the same places and apply head cement to all and let dry. Once the cement is dry you can shape the legs from the ends of the loops and spread them out to look real.

Using a very fine needle thread a loop of thread through the head for feelers and stiffen all with head cement again. Let dry.

Bill Hudson, Eugene, Oregon

Picnic ants: I have a couple of ways for you to make miniature ants. I sort of 'discovered' this late one night when working on another project many years ago.

I was making something else, when some tiny beads rolled together and I thought they were an ant and tried to 'kill' it! Subsequently, I made ant farms using these. You can see them on my catalog page for Pet Birds and Small Pets at the link below my signature.

If you have any of those itty bitty holeless beads (in black), the ones that are smaller than the head of a pin, just glue three in a row and it makes a very convincing ant!

If you don't have the beads, take a piece of black sewing thread, (if you have silk thread it works well too) and tie a bunch of knots along a length of it. Put a tiny drop of any white glue on your fingers and roll each knot between your fingers to coat it with glue. Let dry, and cut close to each side of each knot, then glue them together wherever you want you ants, in threes. If you are really good at this, you can make three knots in a row, one right after the other!

Alice Zinn- Pt. St. Lucie FL

Dogs: Peggy wanted to know how to find a dog by Carol Cardinal, shown by Lilliput Land. Carol Cardinal has been making phenomenal pets for many years. This is the last address I have for her, from 10 years ago: Carol Cardinal Miniatures by C.C. 9535 Diagonal Rd. Mantua, OH 44255

You can find Beth Stark of Lilliput Land at Tom Bishop shows. She's famous for carrying unusual and finely hand crafted miniature items. This is her address: Beth Stark, Lilliput Land, 89 Lisa Dr., Northport, NY 11768

Paulette in IN

Picnic Ants: Years ago our club in Greensboro NC made a number of scenes to put in the existing miniature shop for the July 4th celebration. Many did picnics and of course all had the ants marching along....most made them by tying knots in 6 strands of black embroidery floss, cut them apart, then glued them down.

At the Show & Tell meeting, one of the gals just sat back with a silly grin on her face.....she had discovered some sugar ants on her walkway, sprayed them with insecticide, then picked them up one by one with her tweezers and glued them in place. Hey, it worked.


Ants, Bugs and Other assorted critters..I use black paint on plastic wrap... I dab dots of paint to resemble the bodies of bugs. Lay your dots over cat hair for legs, etc. when dry, pick it off carefully and infest what ever you desire.

Judie - Daytona Beach, FL

Picnic Ants: Copy a graphic of an ant. Reduce it in any print program and multiply it as many times as you wish. Print on one of the new transparent papers. Add tiny dots of black dimensional paint to the head and body. Cut your ants out in circle shape. With the translucent background you should then be able to glue them in place like a sequin. A small amount of matt acrylic sealer or Mod Podge will take away the shine of the paper. If you use Mod Podge, that could be used to apply the ant to the table or blanket as well. Haven't tried this, but I think it would work. Though Florida abounds with ants, I refuse, simply will not, never in this life time do I intend to trap the little devils and preserve them for posterity!

Becky Holliday

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