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The cardboard dolls house and ark: The lovely little cardboard dolls house that I remember posting about ages ago has, I see, just won the British Toymakers Guild Dollhouse Award 2001, I see. My great niece still loves to play with it while I play with mine. They also have a really cute wood and card Noah's Ark...Its worth a look on I'm not associated with this site, just bringing it to attention.

Moira Lynch

Felt Animals: Mary Hoot makes wonderful rabbits, cats, and other animals painted on cloth (velveteen maybe?).

Emily in MD

Felt Rabbits: Is it possible they rabbits aren't felt but velvet -- Mary Hoot does wonderful painted animals on velvet. She has been in minis for many years. I thought she wasn't in the business anymore, but last year I found her things thru a dealer, Wild Orchid. She has a website, -- you can go check it out and see if the animals look like hers.

Fay in St. Louis

Lighting: Adrian and others using or planning to use night lights, or Christmas Village lights for your displays. CAUTION!!! Be sure the bulb doesn't touch anything they DO GET HOT!!!! I figure if it burns my fingers it might burn my display. I purchased 4 very large enclosed bookcases from a mini store that closed and discovered very badly burned spots on each shelf from *Christmas type* bulbs. Of course the owners had the displays with the lights on for hours but still----would hate to think what might have happened if that wood had actually smoldered for a night. SAFETY FIRST PLEASE! I have used the fluorescent bar lights in roomboxes they come in a variety of sizes from 6", 9" and 12", I think. and they are made for bookcases. Come in white, black, silver and gold finish. They even have one that swivels.

Diane in SFBA

Cabin Windows: I saw vellum paper today in Michaels and thought of your project. When held to the light they let the light through but they have a frosted look to them, so you can't really see through them clearly. Imagine if you had a frosted light bulb and then flattened it out. It looks just like that. They had a 1 foot square paper, and regular size papers. VERY inexpensive (you can email me and I'll tell you what they were going for). They had all different frosted colors, even gold. The paper was not as thin as regular felt like it was a thin flexible sheet of plastic almost. They were in the Special Scrapbooking section.

Lynn in Gainesville

Cabin Windows: I saw the post about the paper for frosted windows, I was working in my mini-bathroom yesterday, and I do all my painting, gluing, etc... on parchment paper so it doesn't stick to anything. I put up my curtains, and said this window will not do, people can see in it.....lo and behold the parchment paper is a great frosted window, and the light still shines thru the other side.

Wendy in Lakeland

Dremel Tools: Here is my recommendation for the Dremels you need. I suggest you obtain both a corded model such as the model 3962 variable speed Multipro Tool kit. This comes with a case an 72 of the accessories (bits) that will get you started. This set costs $64.00 at Lowe's' stores in this area. I also suggest the model 750 Minimite cordless. It comes with a few accessories, and charger. The accessories you get with the 3962 will fit the Minimite. This small tool is valuable when you want to work inside the dollhouse. You aren't dragging that cord in with it. It costs about $30.00. They come with a catalog so you can see the other goodies that are available.
Take a look at It is an excellent resource. It has tips, project suggestions (with recommended bits), complete descriptions of all the Dremel tools and accessories as well as the "Owners Club" that includes a neat buletin board where many questions are asked and answered.
There should have been a little booklet in your kit that has examples of projects and the tips on how to approach them.
When all else fails, call 1-800 437-3635. This is customer support and will help you with individual problems.

Dave Brazelton

To make things cheaply Jeanette's diminuettes site has a southwestern verandah . I am making one out of a Styrofoam (white packing foam box). a few broken tiles for a path, cactii and pots.


Silicon Packets: these do yellow, so you might want to lay some out and see what happens before you use them as ice -- just to be safe that your ice doesn't yellow.

Fay in St. Louis

Plastic thingys from pill bottles: They make great canned goods etc., I carefully cut the bottom out of one and then made a circle of paper, cut a pie wedge from it and glued it into a flat type cone....I then took a piece of thicker cardboard and cut a small circle just slightly bigger than the plastic thingy (you could use a button). Both of these I painted black and added a little"rust" to them; then glued one to the top and one to the bottom ..before I glued the cardboard circle to the bottom I pushed a tiny piece of yellow tissue up into the plastic thingy...ta..da ..a little lantern for my cigar box fishing shack. Because I have different sizes I glued three together to make a pot belly stove for that same fishing shack. One size looks to me like those crocks grandma used to make pickles etc. in. Make friends with your local pharmacist!

Ruth in sunny Green Valley.

painted black....they make great nursery plant and shrub cans. There are a few that can be used for kitchen canisters as they are already colored and have a finished lip, and there is one that is shaped just like a back yard planter. And of course you have the added benefit of collecting the glassy silica beads inside which can be used for all sort of things, including drying miniature wildflowers.

Carol WagnerJoshua Tree Calif.

Buckram: I worked in a drapery company years ago and the stiffener used in the pleated top was called buckram. You can find it in the drapery section of fabric stores. It comes on a roll and you buy it by the yard. It is usually 3-4 inches wide.

Louise in MI

Tins for cake pans: Want some cheap tin type pans for cakes- Look at your Big Lots, Dollar type store & discount drug stores for those multi pack eye & blush makeup compacts. The shadow and blush generally come in little tins that are glued to the compact. I just picked up an eye makeup compact with 12 colors/tins for .99. The tricky part is popping them out without too much damage to the tin. I use a flat spatula type blade for clay carving to get them out and then take my needle nose pliers and bend back into shape any dents I made. Chip out the eye shadow/blush and you have a tin to add poly clay to for your cake. Keep the shadow for adding specks of color to paints, clay and such. Also the empty compact can be used for storing small items like beads and such.

Try using the tins for molds/cutters with rolled out clay to make bases, shelves, books and more.

Maybe if you know someone who works at a cosmetic store or counter you can have them save the empty compacts they use for samples and then you could get them for free!

Kerrie KMC-Minis

James Herriott: I popped into the museum today and they have a virtual tour on their website - could make some great roomboxes. The World of James Herriott

Anne, N York

Pirates: To anyone looking for pirate information. I suggest looking at a copy of Eyewitness Books...Pirate by Richard Platt. It is mainly a picture/photo book with any and every thing you could want on the pirate subject... clothing, movies (with posters) , food, maps, boats, etc. etc. Eyewitness Books are a great pictorial resource for many subjects....books, buildings, ancient Egypt, arms and armor, castles,....just to mention a few. As they state 'Like a mini-museum between the covers of a book' As a bonus the back cover has in-scale colored pics of 66 of their books. I believe B & N and Amazon carry these books ..(I have purchased quite a few at COSTCO for a good price) but do check at your local library too. Check them out......I think you will find them very useful.

Pirates: Kathy in PA suggested that the person doing this project should visit my site for bar and pub and some other items (thanks for thinking of me). I started thinking and remembered that I have some neat old fashioned pewter ware from Tony Knott. I have jugs and mugs and eating utensils etc.


Painting Small Objects: MicroMark has a product called Pic-N-Stic. Here is their description: 'This is the best tool we've seen for holding small model parts while painting or positioning. Originally made for the dental trade, Pick-n-Stick is a 2-1/2 inches long plastic stick with a waxy adhesive on one end. To use, just press the adhesive end against the part you need to hold. To remove, just twist. Adhesive grips tightly, but won't transfer to the part. Holds plastic model parts, cast metal ship fittings, miniature hardware and hundreds of other items'.Here is the URL for the part in MicroMark's online catalog:

Jonathan from Israel

Painting Small Items: When painting a number of small things, I put a strip of double sticky carpet tape on the bottom of and old box. The items will adhere to the tape and I can paint or spray at will.


silk gauze: I saw silk gauze in 40, 48 and 56 count and some others too. They also have something called polysil canvas which is one-half the price of the silk but with silk construction. It is 30 count They have a web site and mail order. The URL is Type in silk gauze in the search area. I'm not in any way affiliated with this business other than being a satisfied customer.

Joannie in Paradise

Kaleidoscope House Modern dh furniture: In a recent issue someone mentioned a new dh the (Kaleidoscope House). I contacted the company and Larry Mangel gave me the following sites, where the furniture and house can be purchased.

(Museum of Modern Art) type kaleidoscope in the search area and it will bring up all of the products.

The furniture is very modern and reasonably priced. I have no connection with the company, but I think the furniture is really great looking


S.H. Goode: NEW address S.H. Goode (suppliers of wood) are no longer in Torrance, but at P.O. Box 2575, Atascadero, CA 93423-2575. I believe they don't have a web site, but you can e-mail them at I've been a happy customer for many years.


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