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Tools, Patterns, Tips, Articles, Poems and Printables for Miniature Enthusiasts

How To / Projects

Segmented Wood Turning
Karin Corbin's "Cutting Golf Club Leading" Instructions
Dr. Bob's Dremel Tool Tutorials
Judy Ferguson's Quilt Shop Spinner Display
Linda Maddaford's 1:12 Scale Baseball Cap Pattern
Dr. Bob's DIY Bottles, Jars & Glassware Instructions
Dr. Bob's Spiral Staircase Instructions
Susan's Cornice Pattern

Printables / Printies

Mary Jasper's Printable Plate Patterns
Dorothée's Printable Cyclamen
Anne's Printable Old Books
Dorothée's Printable Antique Trays
Small Stuff Printable Miniature Rugs
Anne's Printable Butterflies
Dorothée's Christmas Stocking Printable
Susan's Printable Victorian Clothing Printable

Creative Writing

Why I Love the Whole Hobby
Signs of Mini-Addiction
Murphy's Law of Miniaturing
Mardigras History by Renee Kutcher
Bill Hudson's Oregon Log Cabin

Inventory Management for Collectors

Anne's Excel Inventory Spreadsheet

Show & Tell

Chrissy's 'Rose Cottage'
Elke's Christmas Room