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Chrissy's Rose Cottage

front of cottage, and greenhouse
Tom's Cottage

This is the Buttercup kit that Chrissy Bravo-Cullen has entered in the 8th Hobby Builders Supply Creatin' Contest. The date is June 24, 1901 and the time is 2:52 p.m. on a warm and lovely afternoon. The cottage is located in the village of St. Joseph, in the Cotswolds, England. The owner is Geoffrey Winston "Tom" Tolliver-Jameson, born in 1851.

The cottage has no need of kitchen facilities as Tom's food is provided by Bridget, who runs the "Big House" on the estate as a popular inn. (For curious minds who need everything accounted for, there's a path in the grass off the back steps that indicates where the outhouse is!)

back and interior

As you stroll about the house and grounds, you will notice many signs of Tom's four great loves -- books, animals, plants, and travel. Tom has managed to combine these interests into a fulfilling career as a writer for National Geographic magazine, which was founded in 1888.

The greenhouse, designed and built by Chrissy's husband, houses a variety of orchids and tropical plants, most of them made by Chrissy. The rabbit hutch is outside the rear of the cottage.


Tom's bedroom is the upstairs in the cottage, where the grumpy father cat is ensconced. The bedding fabric is from a 19th century Italian chemise that was part of Chrissy's husband's grandmother's trousseau.


The downstairs of Tom's cottage. Jessie the Cocker spaniel is snoozing by the back steps. Many of the accessories are souvenirs of Tom's travels or have special significance to the Bravo-Cullen family.