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Printable Victorian Clothes to Hang in an Armoire

by Susan

You can use these for yourself or your miniature club.
They cannot be used for items to be sold.

Purple & Blue Gown

Yellow Walking Dress

Purple & Green Gown

Orange Riding Dress

Gentlemen's Clothing

Gentlemen's Trousers

I drew some mini paper clothes for my Victorian Wardrobe and they are the right length to hang in the wardrobe. Since I will half way close the doors of my wardrobe so that you can peek inside at an angle and see these clothes, I thought why not make them out of paper? So, here's what you do if you want to use them:
  1. "Right Click" with your mouse on each front and back image and save to your hard drive. Open them in an image editor and resize to scale as needed, then layout on 1 or 2 pages.
  2. Print out the pages and let ink from printer dry.
  3. Spray it with acrylic sealer
  4. When dry, cut them out
  5. Take a bit of cotton batting/or pull apart a cotton ball and place between the fronts and backs.
  6. Take one of Mab's clothes hangers (that you make from her directions.. I "think" Mabs has the directions for these?) and place between the front and back of the paper drawings.
  7. With a toothpick run a tiny string of glue along the edges between the front and back and press together. Items will have to be trimmed so that the backs and fronts match.
  8. Allow to dry and hang in your Victorian Wardrobe.

Please enjoy them and have fun sharing them, but please don't sell them or attach your name to them.