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Antique Trays

Dorothée Chabot

You can download the bitmap (BMP) version as a zip file (recommended) or copy and save these JPG images by right-clicking on them.

Tray Number 1



Tray Number 2




Print on heavy grade paper and seal.

Glue the oval bottom on a piece of cardboard and cut out.

Cut the strips. Glue the one with the pattern on the back of a "wood" strip so you can still see the pattern. Then slide the edge of the bottom through some glue and wrap the strip with picture facing the inside round the bottom, with the end seam on the side (not overlapping). The bottom should be slightly higher than the underside of the strip.

Cut the shape of the side, following the pattern. Then glue the other strip with the picture facing the outside, joining on the other side.

Trim and cut the hand openings.

Colour the white cut edges with a brown felt pen and lacquer the tray with several coats of varnish (shellac).

Have fun!

You can use these for yourself or your miniature club.
They cannot be used for items to be sold.

Copyright 2001 Dorothée Chabot. All rights reserved.