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Excel Inventory Spreadsheet

Anne Gerdes

There is a column each for:

  • Project (such as specific dollhouse or room box)
  • Room (within the dollhouse - so I can sort by room it I want to. Plus it helps others identify which piece is being referred to)
  • Item Name (If I enter these consistently, I can sort and view all vases, all plates, all paintings, all dolls, etc.)
  • Purchase Date
  • Where Purchased
  • Item Age (year)
  • Artist/Maker (I can sort by this if I want to)
  • Web Site (I can link to the maker's site if there is one)
  • Condition/Description (I also include scale and measurements - when appropriate - here)
  • Purchase Price
  • Estimated Value (with a running total)
  • Artist Info (for example, I entered the history of Chrysnbon and Bodo Hennig in this column)
  • 3 photos columns (I have jpg photo files of many of my miniatures, and saved copies of them in the same folder I keep the Excel inventory file in. Then I link to them in this column of the spreadsheet.)
  • Final Dispensation (who I bequeath it to. Or if I sell it, I can record it here. Or remove sold items all together - whichever)

I have uploaded the file for anyone to use. I included some sample entries, so you can see how it works. There are two versions: one for Excel 2007 and later, and one for older Excel (1997-2003).

Download File:

2007 Excel version

1997-2003 Excel version