Small Stuff PrintMini


by Jan in Crete

Has anybody seen my beads?
I'm sure I left them here.
I use them nearly every day.
It's really very queer.

For when I went to pick them up
To sort out what I need,
I couldn't find them anywhere,
Not even just one bead.

I know they're only tiny,
So I keep them close to hand,
As any mini maker
Will surely understand.

I can't get on without them,
And I can't buy any more,
So my micro mini project's
At a standstill, that's for sure.

I've searched right through the cupboard,
And emptied out the drawer
I even picked the carpet up
And checked across the floor.

But where they've gone I just don't know,
And urgent are my needs -
So I will ask you one more time
Please, have you seen my beads?