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Why I Love the Whole Hobby

by Kaye Meldrum

  • You can be an architect.

  • You can design any building, room, etc. that you can imagine.

  • You can be a decorator and have all the rooms you would like to live in yourself, without having to have twenty full sized houses! (And, an unlimited budget.)

  • You can have that furniture that you would love to have in your own house, but know it wouldn't fit.

  • You can collect, and, it you are lucky, actually have a place to put what you collect.

  • You can be as creative as you want to be, or can learn how to be.

  • You can give pleasure to others. Miniatures are magical to most people, even if they never take up the hobby themselves...they still like to see what you have done!

  • Miniatures are a never ending soon as you think of one thing, at least a dozen more ideas pop up.

  • You can be a landscape architect without breaking your back.

  • You can be a artist, a teacher, a student.

  • You can get good at something that others want to buy, or trade for.

  • You learn how to measure, how to plan, how to make.

  • You use your imagination.

  • And, you can spend a fortune, or make everything yourself...or, a combination.

  • Mostly though, you can have FUN, FUN, FUN! And that's what it's all about.